Politics & The Internet

   Now that the presidential campaign season is full swing social media has a special part to play in electing a new commander and chief or re-electing our current president. There are some that say that social media elected President Barack Obama in the 2008 election. I would have to agree that the Obama campaign definitely used social media to their advantage. The ads, emails, pictures, videos, and donations all played a part in electing the Senator from Chicago in 2008. An interesting thing that I saw in the 2008 that I don’t think has been in any presidential campaign season prior was online debates. Video sharing website Youtube hosted several debates in the campaign season where Americans got to take part and ask the questions they wanted answered by the candidates. Citizens got to send in videos of themselves asking questions and if they measured up, the candidates would get to answer them. People also got to tweet their questions. What a way to engage!

In addition to all the Youtube debates, almost every campaign has a page on Facebook and an emailing list. At any time throughout the day people are able to receive campaign messages or inspiring citizen stories from their favorite contender. Through those mediums, folks can get involved with working with the campaigns, registering people to vote and responding to posts and emails on all social networking websites.

The idea of using what everyone does every day (i.e.) Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to reach the core of Americans is now being embraced by politicians and being used to their advantage even taking a former Harvard Law graduate along with Michelle, Sasha, Malia, and Bobo all the way to the White House.

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