Words and Social Media!

      There are a lot of words that come to mind when I try to ascertain social media and its potential effect on society. Everybody from Wikipedia to Webster’s New World may have a definition of the term “social media” but as the term evolves so does the words we use to define it. In our textbook “Engage” Brian Solis references social media as the, “New Media University.” The New Media University term implies that the world is potentially students of all things media. As students “we learn through everything we read and practice.” (Solis tried his best to stress the importance of words. With a new world evolving faster than any of us can keep up with, the words we use to define and describe it is of the upmost importance. Solis highlights words that may have been applicable to define social media in the past but have now become obsolete, “As with anything, words become meaningless if overused and under practiced.” I believe the reason why words and definitions come and go out of style is because of how social media users leave their footprint. In chapter 2 Solis provides the reader with a list of the “peer-to-peer influence and collaboration in social networks and blogs.” (Solis 2011) The list statistically categorizes social media users based off their online behavior. Some folks are spectators, some are critics and some are conversation list and so on. As user ship broadens so does The New Media University and the words we use to define it. I would say that those categories listed above are grades that the University has issued to us “students”. Solis talks about using social media to our advantage, the question then becomes are we receiving a failing grade or are we passing? According to Engage 68 percent of us are spectators. In my opinion, we can do better.

2 thoughts on “Words and Social Media!”

  1. Orlando, some really excellent observations here. In the last line of this blog you state that we can do better. Who is “we”? How can “we” do better? In what way? And why do “we” want to?

  2. Gina,
    When I say we I mean we as users of social media. If anyone reads this blog they are in some part a user of social media in my view. When Solis listed that 68% of only spectators of social media, the figure stuck out to me. As users of social media we should at least try to be engaged (i know that’s an endangered world) in social media. We are now living in a world where a lot of things are powered by social media (i.e.) business, job networking, and even education. If the majority of us “social media users” or non-users we will literally be spectating as the world and its technologies pass us by. We want to do better because it would keep us employed, well versed on the things happening around us, and literate to a brand new world that Solis calls the University.

    -Orlando 🙂

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