Cheerios or CheeriNO!

You ever get up in the morning with a taste for something specific? It can be eggs and bacon, fruit, or maybe a plain bagel with cream cheese. Well I woke up one morning ready to open up a brand new box of Honey Nut Cheerios that has been in my pantry for about a month. So I open up the box only to see that the cereal bag is ripped open! But I wasn’t angry yet.

So like the social media expert I’m becoming, I took to Twitter to ask a little over 200 followers of mine if its smart for me to eat some cereal that was ripped open. I got an overwhelming response from my followers telling me to not eat my favorite cereal because it’s just better to be safe than sorry. But I wasn’t angry yet.

Then I thought, hmm Honey Nut Cheerios and the Cheerios brand has been around for a long time and I am sure that General Mills cares a lot about their consumers. So in true fashion, I found Cheerios on Twitter and tweeted to them my dilemma and that I was not happy, expecting them to answer me quickly and to help resolve the problem. But I still wasn’t angry yet.

The day go by and I check my Twitter to see if Cheerios responded to me only to find out that they did not respond to me at all! NOW I’M ANGRY! I have been a customer of theirs ever since I was a kid and General Mills and the Cheerio brand didn’t think enough of me to at least answer a tweet. I am a firm believer that if you ignore a problem it’s only going to get worse. Cheerios made a huge mistake. It is definitely not my fault that my cereal was already open. As I looked at the Twitter page, they have not a lot of followers and only a few hundred tweets. At this point, I am NOT cheering for Cheerios.

-Orlando P. Bailey

One thought on “Cheerios or CheeriNO!”

  1. My condolences to you for your loss of confidence in the General Mills company. They apparently have no respect for you as a loyal customer. It could be that large companies that have been around for a while suffer from the delusion that they are too big to fail. As we are learning, “word of mouth” is extremely important and can actually damage ones reputation. Hopefully, the General Mills company will understand the role that social media will eventually play in their marketing strategies in the very near future.

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