140 Characters or Less!

  Chapter’s 8 and 9

There is nothing like saying what you’re doing, thinking, and how you’re feeling to the world in a matter of seconds. It’s a world that is created by us. Our world can be small or big depending on who we choose to follow and who we allow to follow us. Crafty is this social media world that we have to participate because when we want to say something, it has to be within 140 characters. Ladies and gentlemen– Twitter!

In the book Engage! The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web, author Brian Solis says, “Of all of the micro services available today, Twitter is by and large the leader.” (Solis 2011) To better understand Twitter as a micro service I want to define the term micro blog. Merriam-Webster defines it as: blogging done with severe space or size constraints typically by posting frequent brief messages about personal activities. Twitter virtually embodies that definition by forcing the blogger or tweeter to say what he or she wants to say in 140 characters or less.

Twitter has grown into so many things and has help innovate many areas in media, business, and marketing to reach the consumer in a more effective way. “…services such as Twitter represent a more approachable and usable gateway to social media than any of the networks serving as its predecessors.” (Solis 2011) Solis in my view is saying that Twitter has the ability to reach a lot of people in a less intimidating way.

Businesses have to be creative in crafting a message for their consumers because of the constraints of Twitter. If people are anything like me they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading blogs, messages, and articles that are too long. Twitter is the place where the consumer can the message in short fast paced way.

Brands and businesses have become pretty good at it too. “Twitter has single-handedly forced businesses to pay attention to online conversations on a mass, and growing, scale.” (Solis 2011) Most of the time when a business tweets, they are linking us to something else. That’s fine as long as whatever it is, is worth reading or watching.

In chapter 9, Solis tackled video broadcasting. We are living in the world of Youtube. Everyone has a phone with a video camera on it and can shoot footage and upload it to the internet within minutes. For me, I know I would like to watch a video than to read something. So if a company is smart they will link the consumer to a fun interactive video to stimulate interest and action. Solis summed what a viral video should be. “This is storytelling. This is entertainment. This is education.” (Solis 2011)

After reading chapter’s 8 and 9, I must say that Solis has done it again. His depth of knowledge and everyday practicality makes him a joy to read.

-Orlando P. Bailey

One thought on “140 Characters or Less!”

  1. So many people find Twitter limiting due to character length, but really you are able to share so much via Twitter due to the links. In fact, more info is shared via Twitter than any other SM tool.


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