Open Letter to My Mama Jan. 29th (Her Birthday!)

Last year I turned 24 and my Mother sent me a text that surprised me. I decided that I will share it before I start the letter. 


Happy Birthday to my 2nd oldest son. I can remember 24 years ago in the darkest hour of my life I was blessed by God with a baby. Although I knew something was growing inside of me, I continued to do my thing and got high every chance I got. Never even seen a doctor. I didn’t know if you even had all your limbs, I was just doing my thing. As time went on I became concerned about what you would look like. The time came on September 2nd, 1989 to deliver my son that I hadn’t even for cared enough to go to the doctor for a checkup. Your delivery was 10 minutes and my beautiful son was born untouched and healthy with no traces of any drugs and you went home with me. 🙂 At that point I knew that there was a God and that in midst of every thing He covered us. From that day I knew you were that special son. Orlando I love you soooo much. Hoping this day is as special as it was 24 years ago. Happy Birthday… God has give you the Greatest gift. Love you, Momma.

Dear Mom,

I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet. First off I’m just glad that we have the relationship we have. Going off the text message you sent me on my birthday, us being together is crazy in itself! It’s nuts to me that in all of the research I’ve done, I found that hospitals are obligated to alert the proper authorities when a child is born from an addict especially if that child has drugs in his/her system. That child would be taken into protective custody and the “process” begins. 

Ok so there are two things I want to bring out. 1. I don’t know how it’s biologically possible for a child born of an addict to not have drugs in his system. 2. Not only am I alive but you’re alive as well!

Nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. For almost 25 years we have been together and have celebrated each other’s birthdays. Today on your birthday I want to express how thankful I am that we even know each other and that we’ve never been separated. I’m thankful that I’ve always got to feel the love of my own mother when at one time that may not have been possible.

I’m thankful that in everything you’ve done, God has preserved you and kept you with us. You look amazing too. I pray that you see even greater days as you embark on your 53rd year. Do it with grace… Do it with style. Most of all, do it with God… I love you Ma!

Happy Birthday!




A Poem for My Mom on her Birthday 01/29…

I wrote this poem for my Mom’s 52nd birthday last year and I thought it would be fitting to post it on here for all my readers to enjoy! Here goes… Happy Birthday Mom!


My mother. Oh how I love her.

So glad that 52 years ago God saw fit to put Mamie & Norman together.

Didn’t last forever, but from this union was birthed Joyce Renee in the crisp & snowy January weather.

A beautiful black queen, the first of many to ever call Elva granny.

I said the first of many to ever call Elva Searcy Granny and Mamie Lee Mommy.

Comes from the lineage of strong courageous women and when I look at my mother I see no different.

Resilient, confident, loving & human.

My Mama a Proverbs 31 virtuous woman.

She was born in a time when King marched and Malcolm X spoke liberating words of freedom.

Audio of civil rights and riots was the soundtrack to her childhood life.

Grew up family oriented and independent.

Sure of herself and her heart’s intent.

Then life came like a whirlwind.

Twisting & turning her in every which way and became susceptible to a bad influence.

Drug use wreaked havoc on her life until she met one of the few loves of her life.

Tall, caramel skin with good hair and athletic.

The boy had to be Indian because with hair like that he couldn’t be ethnic.

Renee and Rob, a chapter in this book of her life in which the author saw fit to give her 5 kids.

She made up her mind and got clean because she loved her man and her kids.

I said she loved her man and her kids.

5 the number of grace and every child was different in their own way.

Robert Jr. the smart know it all.

Kimberly Mariah. The only girl whose smile could bring down the walls.

Orlando. The one in the middle, the struggle and the one who found serenity in reading his bible.

Brian the great S-P-E-L-L-E-R, the Mama’s boy with a special place for her in his heart.

Quinten Cortez. The baby and cry baby. But not lately.

Won’t forget Bria & Kris, you see those two were his but her family was non exclusive.

Anton, Maurice, T-Hoody all of these were Mom’s children.

Mom and Dad called it splits and it was like the whole family split.

Doing what she had to do sacrificing so that we can stay close knit.

There everyday on her own, working at night coming home just in time to see us on… To school that is.

She had a special bond with all her kids,

I really connected with her when I found out she loved The Wiz!

She gave her life to God for real and has been sold out ever since.

The enemy has tried to come for her and her family but she is just like a tree.

Planted by the rivers of waters!

I shall not be moved.

Be moved by circumstance, finance, bold spirits, the justice system, evictions, convictions and bad decisions.

Taking it all in stride and making the necessary changes while on the ride.

See that’s Mamie’s girl and Elva’s grand girl, she ‘s going to be alright.

She is just like her mama and grandmother and they were both out of sight.

So I stand here on the 29th of January, the day God saw fit to author this story.

What should I get her I asked myself.

God said nothing monetary because things fade.

How about this or how about that?

She gave me life so I gotta get her something to give back.

Realizing that nothing I buy could ever express my indebted gratitude.

So I chose to write this poem for you so you can see how much I admire you from my view!

I love you I do.

You’ve always been there for me.

Never would’ve graduated college if it wasn’t for you.

My Mama, a beautiful quiet soul.

5 kids and I don’t know how you do it but you make everyone of us feel special.

You’re beautiful.

A poet said I think of 80 ways to give your beauty praise.

Hyperbole, a simile, or metaphorically.

But truthfully none of that would suffice because to me you defy description.

And at 52 you’re radiant.

A beauty that some women only get through surgery and a prescriptions.

So no, money wasn’t good enough this year.

The store lacked the detail I was looking for.

But God gave me these words to embed on the tablet that is your heart.

I love you and you’ll always be apart…Of my life that is.

25 backwards and you still killing em! Happy 52nd birthday Mama.

From that one in the middle.

The loner, the graduate, the fixer, the preacher, your 2nd oldest son Paris.

Oh no… I actually have to look at you!

You may not have wanted to hear it but you heard it!
You may not have wanted to hear it but you heard it!

Having hard conversations are apart of life. A piercing conversation needs to happen every now and then to keep us on our toes, correct us and make us better. I’m all for that even if it hurts!

But you know sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation… I really do. I wish life was as simple as my Grandmother’s when she grew up. You know the story… People were actually neighbors and everybody knew everybody. You came home when the street lights came on. Kids actually played outside. Your neighbors could give you a whipping when you did something wrong only to go home and get another one from your own parents. That sounds like the life to me! Minus the whippings. But people were being neighborly, looking out for each other and actually talking face to face!

There was a time when the words, “We need to talk.” were uttered that people would rather jump off a cliff than to sit down and have a conversation with the person who vocalized such a hideous phrase. Words said in that order is a tactic to get the other guy scared to death about whatever it is that pissed off the other person.

People may have been scared but they sucked it up and had the conversation because aside from U.S. Mail and phone calls there was no other way to communicate. They would take the verbal lashing (because that’s what it usually was) while enduring the harsh body language along the way.

Today we have a bunch of cowards hiding behind the screen of the computer, an emoticon on a cell phone’s keyboard and the phrase “I’ve been busy”. I promise I am going to shoot the next person who tells me they’ve been busy after failing to touch bases!


People would much rather hide behind technology these days. The generation that is coming up and even some folks in my age bracket lack the interpersonal skills needed to be a contributing member to society.

You know I could not find a picture of black hands holding the iPhone. lol
You know I could not find a picture of black hands holding the iPhone. lol

I’m no shrink but I think there are two main reasons why we don’t like to interact and have hard conversations face to face.

1. Fear.

-Stop being a wimp and face the music! It will be over before you know it. Doesn’t matter what it is. Technology being at your fingertips has made you soft in person and thug behind the screen. Please get it together!

2. Genuinely not knowing how to communicate outside a mediated medium.

-This is sad to me. Get up, go outside and be around people! Learn how to hold a conversation without being too awkward. The real world is not that bad. On every single job description I’ve seen since college it says that great interpersonal skills are required. Get on it!

Now all of thee above is something that IS up for discussion. How about we meet up at Starbucks and rap about it?

Keep God First


Trying To Stay Relevant

The revamped busystudent blog!

You may be thinking how does this guy think he can come back after not posting anything since 2012. My answer to you is simple, “I JUST DID!”. Anymore questions I can answer for you?

See that’s the thing with social media. There is the pressure to always stay up to date and relevant. If I feel that I don’t want to update my page for almost two-plus years then that’s my business!

Everyone is always concerned about what the next thing is and one can become a mere thought in someone’s head just a week later. Like whatever happened to that “Stop Kony!” guy? I no longer wish for my followers to think, “remember when…” when they think of me and my life on social media. Instead they can catch me on almost every social media site imaginable.

However I am very excited to be back and hope that you enjoy this highly interactive journey that I am getting ready to embark upon. This is me taking my passion and my future into my own hands and making it happen for myself. FINALLY! I kept the name thebusystudent even though I’m not in school anymore because I am still very busy and I will forever be a student of life.

Throughout this journey, you will learn things about me and I hope to learn things about all of you. Since this is my first post back, I am going to plug myself like crazy!

Like me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on here! I’m even thinking about pinning!

Welcome aboard! This should be fun. Don’t hurt yourself trying to stay relevant though. I didn’t. I had to do “Life things” like graduate college, find a job, buy a car, pay bills, you know… grown up stuff. Now that those things are squared away, I am desperately seeking balance in my life while doing what I love to do. This blog is supposed to be part of the remedy.

Oh and this is my sad attempt to stay relevant.