Trying To Stay Relevant

The revamped busystudent blog!

You may be thinking how does this guy think he can come back after not posting anything since 2012. My answer to you is simple, “I JUST DID!”. Anymore questions I can answer for you?

See that’s the thing with social media. There is the pressure to always stay up to date and relevant. If I feel that I don’t want to update my page for almost two-plus years then that’s my business!

Everyone is always concerned about what the next thing is and one can become a mere thought in someone’s head just a week later. Like whatever happened to that “Stop Kony!” guy? I no longer wish for my followers to think, “remember when…” when they think of me and my life on social media. Instead they can catch me on almost every social media site imaginable.

However I am very excited to be back and hope that you enjoy this highly interactive journey that I am getting ready to embark upon. This is me taking my passion and my future into my own hands and making it happen for myself. FINALLY! I kept the name thebusystudent even though I’m not in school anymore because I am still very busy and I will forever be a student of life.

Throughout this journey, you will learn things about me and I hope to learn things about all of you. Since this is my first post back, I am going to plug myself like crazy!

Like me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on here! I’m even thinking about pinning!

Welcome aboard! This should be fun. Don’t hurt yourself trying to stay relevant though. I didn’t. I had to do “Life things” like graduate college, find a job, buy a car, pay bills, you know… grown up stuff. Now that those things are squared away, I am desperately seeking balance in my life while doing what I love to do. This blog is supposed to be part of the remedy.

Oh and this is my sad attempt to stay relevant.


4 thoughts on “Trying To Stay Relevant”

  1. Great, congratulations on restarting your Blog ‘The Busy Student’. I’m sure your Blog will be a blessing. I’m looking forward to exciting, interesting, educational and relevant information and stories. Your Blog will be a blessing to the masses. Your greatness is an inspiration to the young and the old. Continued Blessing and Success to you.

  2. Good stuff bro. I’m interested in what you have to say…about life! It’s always good to understand your perspective on things…and believe me, I’ll give my perspectives right back to you on these little comment boxes. haha lets hear what you have to say!

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