Oh no… I actually have to look at you!

You may not have wanted to hear it but you heard it!
You may not have wanted to hear it but you heard it!

Having hard conversations are apart of life. A piercing conversation needs to happen every now and then to keep us on our toes, correct us and make us better. I’m all for that even if it hurts!

But you know sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation… I really do. I wish life was as simple as my Grandmother’s when she grew up. You know the story… People were actually neighbors and everybody knew everybody. You came home when the street lights came on. Kids actually played outside. Your neighbors could give you a whipping when you did something wrong only to go home and get another one from your own parents. That sounds like the life to me! Minus the whippings. But people were being neighborly, looking out for each other and actually talking face to face!

There was a time when the words, “We need to talk.” were uttered that people would rather jump off a cliff than to sit down and have a conversation with the person who vocalized such a hideous phrase. Words said in that order is a tactic to get the other guy scared to death about whatever it is that pissed off the other person.

People may have been scared but they sucked it up and had the conversation because aside from U.S. Mail and phone calls there was no other way to communicate. They would take the verbal lashing (because that’s what it usually was) while enduring the harsh body language along the way.

Today we have a bunch of cowards hiding behind the screen of the computer, an emoticon on a cell phone’s keyboard and the phrase “I’ve been busy”. I promise I am going to shoot the next person who tells me they’ve been busy after failing to touch bases!


People would much rather hide behind technology these days. The generation that is coming up and even some folks in my age bracket lack the interpersonal skills needed to be a contributing member to society.

You know I could not find a picture of black hands holding the iPhone. lol
You know I could not find a picture of black hands holding the iPhone. lol

I’m no shrink but I think there are two main reasons why we don’t like to interact and have hard conversations face to face.

1. Fear.

-Stop being a wimp and face the music! It will be over before you know it. Doesn’t matter what it is. Technology being at your fingertips has made you soft in person and thug behind the screen. Please get it together!

2. Genuinely not knowing how to communicate outside a mediated medium.

-This is sad to me. Get up, go outside and be around people! Learn how to hold a conversation without being too awkward. The real world is not that bad. On every single job description I’ve seen since college it says that great interpersonal skills are required. Get on it!

Now all of thee above is something that IS up for discussion. How about we meet up at Starbucks and rap about it?

Keep God First


2 thoughts on “Oh no… I actually have to look at you!”

  1. Excellent topic! I’m pro social technology. Here’s why…
    Naturally, you’d think, of course I’d make this argument considering that my career path is mostly technology driven, not so! Quick back story. Growing up, I remember the days that I prayed for the day when alternate forms of communication would be made available as opposed to actual face time with other people. It was pretty safe to say that I was what’s known as an “extreme introvert”. Due to life’s circumstances, I found it hard to relate to everybody, so I didn’t talk much. Needless to say I grew out of it, and ironically the work that I do forces me to stay engaged in one on one/group conversations the entire workday.
    (Pro #1) Let me tell ya, after a full day of just talking, the option to text for the rest of the day is a warm welcome, and provides me with the solid few hours of silence I grew accustomed to during my earlier years.
    (Pro #2) Frankly, I don’t like everybody! So when I have to interact with certain folks that are conducive to me conducting business and getting stuff done, it’s E-mail to the rescue! It helps me do what I need to do while maintaining a proper level of professionalism I may not have been able to maintain in person. It also happens to be the best possible way to reach business associates that I am quite fond of or trying to build a relationship with.
    (Pro #3) This one’s very obvious. We wouldn’t be able to share opinions and partake in stimulating group conversations such as this if it weren’t for outlets such as FB twitter, and ….BLOGS! You’re welcome!
    And not to mention, at the risk of sounding nerdy, think of all of the neurological pathways that our brains are forming as we gradually adapt to living in the age of technology (for arguments sake, we’ll leave out the ones being lost due to the fact that our phones now remember everything for us ;-).
    Don’t get me wrong, I also understand your point of view as far as the fact that some people can just take it too far allowing technological means of socializing to consume them and practically run their lives! (More on that at another time…LOTS more!)
    I strongly agree that good old fashion human interaction is very necessary to maintain the ability to form genuine, meaningful relationships (our number one gift as human beings). It’s up to us to make the conscious effort to have face time! I just happen to see these new options more as blessings, rather than curse.

    1. Versetta I appreciate your comment. You definitely make a great point. You are a person of technology and it comes across. I can appreciate that too. How else would we be able to have this meaningful exchange had it not been for a social media outlet. I am just against any form of media taking over face to face interaction. Loved your comments! Thanks for engaging!

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