Open Letter to My Mama Jan. 29th (Her Birthday!)

Last year I turned 24 and my Mother sent me a text that surprised me. I decided that I will share it before I start the letter. 


Happy Birthday to my 2nd oldest son. I can remember 24 years ago in the darkest hour of my life I was blessed by God with a baby. Although I knew something was growing inside of me, I continued to do my thing and got high every chance I got. Never even seen a doctor. I didn’t know if you even had all your limbs, I was just doing my thing. As time went on I became concerned about what you would look like. The time came on September 2nd, 1989 to deliver my son that I hadn’t even for cared enough to go to the doctor for a checkup. Your delivery was 10 minutes and my beautiful son was born untouched and healthy with no traces of any drugs and you went home with me. 🙂 At that point I knew that there was a God and that in midst of every thing He covered us. From that day I knew you were that special son. Orlando I love you soooo much. Hoping this day is as special as it was 24 years ago. Happy Birthday… God has give you the Greatest gift. Love you, Momma.

Dear Mom,

I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet. First off I’m just glad that we have the relationship we have. Going off the text message you sent me on my birthday, us being together is crazy in itself! It’s nuts to me that in all of the research I’ve done, I found that hospitals are obligated to alert the proper authorities when a child is born from an addict especially if that child has drugs in his/her system. That child would be taken into protective custody and the “process” begins. 

Ok so there are two things I want to bring out. 1. I don’t know how it’s biologically possible for a child born of an addict to not have drugs in his system. 2. Not only am I alive but you’re alive as well!

Nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. For almost 25 years we have been together and have celebrated each other’s birthdays. Today on your birthday I want to express how thankful I am that we even know each other and that we’ve never been separated. I’m thankful that I’ve always got to feel the love of my own mother when at one time that may not have been possible.

I’m thankful that in everything you’ve done, God has preserved you and kept you with us. You look amazing too. I pray that you see even greater days as you embark on your 53rd year. Do it with grace… Do it with style. Most of all, do it with God… I love you Ma!

Happy Birthday!




12 thoughts on “Open Letter to My Mama Jan. 29th (Her Birthday!)”

  1. GOD IS GOOD being blessed is a blessing alone you two are some of the most spiritual and inspirational people in my life and i love you both so much

  2. God is good! Happy Birthday to your mom! It’s amazing how God loves us so much, to the point where He takes a situation where most would think of the worse & turns it in his child’s favor! Not only did He spare your life, but hers as well! I pray that God continues to bless and keep you both!

  3. Tears!!! What a testament to God’s immeasurable grace and mercy! Some would say I shouldn’t have survived birth (by medical standards), but God covers his children that he has blessed with special purpose. We all have purpose, but there are those blessed with a certain gift. Those are the ones who are, tried, tested, tempted, and have gone through the worst, because satan is mad that they’re here and will try to take us out before fulfilling God’s purpose for us. BUT GOD! Oh boy, didn’t intend to start crying and having my own little devotional service in my kitchen this morning…cutting it off now! Happy Birthday to your Mom! Hope that she’s blessed with many, many more!!!

  4. Wow even though this is my second time hearing this it moves me everytime. You are very special and this is indeed evidence that you were nobodies mistake but a miracle.

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