24 & Single. What’s Wrong With These Women???

I posted the following earlier on my Facebook page, “The rules of dating in the 21st century is vastly different than the generations before us. Courting does not exist in 2014. Sad commentary. Women expect instant status and worth from me that they have not earned yet. I guess I’m old school.”

This video just expounds on that point a little bit. Please do not take the title personally. I understand that I too am flawed. Just a joke. First video. Be nice.


5 thoughts on “24 & Single. What’s Wrong With These Women???”

  1. You know what I’m saying…lol, j/p 🙂 Great outlook! Besides, you’re still young and it’s too early for you (or anyone else around your age) to try and to lock yourselves into a full blown relationship. These are your discovery years! The years that you figure out who you really are and what you want out of life. Once you’re done working on yourself, the rest will follow! It’s better to be picky and take your time now, than to look back years from now wondering how you ending up trapped in something that wasn’t for you just to appease others. Bump what everyone else thinks, do you!

    P.S. Change that video title…you fellas have issues too! Need suggestions? Holla at me! LOL

  2. I will agree to pretty much all of what you have mentioned. Courting which was so fundamental at some point is now almost non existant. But with certain people who are older it still exists. I feel you with the whole glad to be single but still often times miss companionship. I don’t think anyone was designed to be alone. Its not good that man be alone. But i think just aren’t patient enough wait on the right one. So sometimes its necessary for us to date the losers so when we meet the right one can appreciate them. Honestly i still think that art our age are young and this is the tidal and error period of our lives figuring ourselves out not just men but us women well. Some of us women are too needy. Haven’t even figured who we are and we want a man to be everything we feel we were missing. We have to begin allowing God to put things into place. The reason why we haven’t found the right one its sometimes because we may not be ready.

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