Oh no… I actually have to look at you!

You may not have wanted to hear it but you heard it!
You may not have wanted to hear it but you heard it!

Having hard conversations are apart of life. A piercing conversation needs to happen every now and then to keep us on our toes, correct us and make us better. I’m all for that even if it hurts!

But you know sometimes I think I was born in the wrong generation… I really do. I wish life was as simple as my Grandmother’s when she grew up. You know the story… People were actually neighbors and everybody knew everybody. You came home when the street lights came on. Kids actually played outside. Your neighbors could give you a whipping when you did something wrong only to go home and get another one from your own parents. That sounds like the life to me! Minus the whippings. But people were being neighborly, looking out for each other and actually talking face to face!

There was a time when the words, “We need to talk.” were uttered that people would rather jump off a cliff than to sit down and have a conversation with the person who vocalized such a hideous phrase. Words said in that order is a tactic to get the other guy scared to death about whatever it is that pissed off the other person.

People may have been scared but they sucked it up and had the conversation because aside from U.S. Mail and phone calls there was no other way to communicate. They would take the verbal lashing (because that’s what it usually was) while enduring the harsh body language along the way.

Today we have a bunch of cowards hiding behind the screen of the computer, an emoticon on a cell phone’s keyboard and the phrase “I’ve been busy”. I promise I am going to shoot the next person who tells me they’ve been busy after failing to touch bases!


People would much rather hide behind technology these days. The generation that is coming up and even some folks in my age bracket lack the interpersonal skills needed to be a contributing member to society.

You know I could not find a picture of black hands holding the iPhone. lol
You know I could not find a picture of black hands holding the iPhone. lol

I’m no shrink but I think there are two main reasons why we don’t like to interact and have hard conversations face to face.

1. Fear.

-Stop being a wimp and face the music! It will be over before you know it. Doesn’t matter what it is. Technology being at your fingertips has made you soft in person and thug behind the screen. Please get it together!

2. Genuinely not knowing how to communicate outside a mediated medium.

-This is sad to me. Get up, go outside and be around people! Learn how to hold a conversation without being too awkward. The real world is not that bad. On every single job description I’ve seen since college it says that great interpersonal skills are required. Get on it!

Now all of thee above is something that IS up for discussion. How about we meet up at Starbucks and rap about it?

Keep God First



Trying To Stay Relevant

The revamped busystudent blog!

You may be thinking how does this guy think he can come back after not posting anything since 2012. My answer to you is simple, “I JUST DID!”. Anymore questions I can answer for you?

See that’s the thing with social media. There is the pressure to always stay up to date and relevant. If I feel that I don’t want to update my page for almost two-plus years then that’s my business!

Everyone is always concerned about what the next thing is and one can become a mere thought in someone’s head just a week later. Like whatever happened to that “Stop Kony!” guy? I no longer wish for my followers to think, “remember when…” when they think of me and my life on social media. Instead they can catch me on almost every social media site imaginable.

However I am very excited to be back and hope that you enjoy this highly interactive journey that I am getting ready to embark upon. This is me taking my passion and my future into my own hands and making it happen for myself. FINALLY! I kept the name thebusystudent even though I’m not in school anymore because I am still very busy and I will forever be a student of life.

Throughout this journey, you will learn things about me and I hope to learn things about all of you. Since this is my first post back, I am going to plug myself like crazy!

Like me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on here! I’m even thinking about pinning!

Welcome aboard! This should be fun. Don’t hurt yourself trying to stay relevant though. I didn’t. I had to do “Life things” like graduate college, find a job, buy a car, pay bills, you know… grown up stuff. Now that those things are squared away, I am desperately seeking balance in my life while doing what I love to do. This blog is supposed to be part of the remedy.

Oh and this is my sad attempt to stay relevant.


Catching Them Up

If anyone knows me personally, then you know that I love my family. Most of the elders in my family like my grandparents and great aunts and uncles are so behind in technology. Most of them own smart phones and computers capable to communicate with the entire world but they hardly know how to use it besides making a phone call or checking and sending emails.

My great Aunt Dovie is slowly but surely becoming an exception. She is now leaving the dark ages and is learning how to navigate a very mature form of social media in the area of text messaging. She even sent me a text message the other day just to show me that she’s trying.

Talking with Auntie D.J. (as I call her) about becoming more tech savvy and how it’s the way of the world now, she is mostly receptive to what I have to say. But she does express difficulty in understanding the language.

Text messaging and social media has a language of its own. A lot of acronyms are involved in messages and posts. I can remember her one day out of sheer frustration Auntie D.J. asked me, “What the heck does “LOL” and “OMG” mean? People keep saying that to me!” I then tried to explain to her that the best way I knew how that social media has a different lingo that she’s was going to have to learn.

For someone who has been out of school as long as she has, learning a new language is something she did not plan in her late 50s. So what did I do? I took to social media to help us out! I googled social media acronyms and printed out a translation list for my aunt. I got it from a fellow WordPress pal, Digiphile.

I wrote this blog because as we are millennials we learn fast and move with the technology and that is great. But I don’t want us to forget to educate those who once were educating us, OUR ELDERS.

-Orlando P. Bailey

TEDxEMU & Social Media

   Before the TEDx event here at EMU, I have never heard of a TED Talk. I had no clue what it was and who did the talking! I was asked to participate at the TEDx event at EMU. The “x” means independently organized which is different from the international TED conferences held all over the world.

The slogan for TED is “ideas worth spreading”. At the main international conferences, thought leaders in different careers and fields of study share ideas and insight into their various lives and fields. The same is true for the independently organized TED conferences all over the world. TEDx here at EMU featured faculty, students and alumni who are considered innovative and effective thought leaders at EMU and their perspective communities. These people are from all walks of life with different ideas that were communicated through talks, presentations, singing, playing instruments and storytelling. Here is an example. Take a look at the video!

Once the curator Gregg Constanzo decided that he wanted to host a TEDx event at EMU, he took to the most popular forms of social media to publicize, inform, announce speakers and give people a chance to see the conference live! Constanzo and his team effectively intertwined all of the social media sites they chose to employ to get out one comprehensive message after another.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and a website all played parts to getting people to register for the conference, to present and watch the live feed as the conference went on. On each of the social media pages, the verbiage was the same in that it was promoting ONE MESSAGE! Using these sites allowed TEDxEMU team to share photos, reach out to the speakers and give  minute by minute updates as the conference was happening live.

The reason I say social media was used effectively is because I barely saw any flyers and signs around the campus of EMU of the event coming. It was really driven by social media. Folks who wanted to come had to register online by a specific date. The event was really popular because there was a waiting list a mile long.

One thing I loved about the status updates, tweets, etc is that it really embodied the slogan, “ideas worth sharing”. On any given day, you can look at the TEDxEMU facebook or twitter page and receive a tip or idea on the most random things from how to wash out a stain on a shirt, to how to be an effective leader in the workplace.

To be effective online, I learned that consistency and engagement is key. TedxEMU did both and packed out the house at Sponberg Theatre on EMU’s campus. It did not stop after the event; the staff is still sharing ideas and communicating with their audience. Way to humanize a brand! I’m glad I got to be a part of it!


-Orlando P. Bailey

A Retrospective Look

   I wake up in the morning and I lay in the bed for 20 to 30 minutes until I feel energized to go about my day. While I’m in the bed, I carefully think out what I’m going to wear for the day. I get my clothes ready based on how I’m feeling that day. I pick out the shoe that will best match my ensemble, jewelry and the cologne I feel will best compliment the personality of clothing. I get my shower and put on everything that I have set out. Before I leave my apartment, I take a full length look in the mirror to if I looked how I dreamed in my mind I would look. If I don’t like it, I’ll change and if I do, then my day has officially started.

I’m not just telling you my morning routine to be vain but to draw a parallel to what Brian Solis was speaking of in chapter 12 of his bookEngage!; The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web. In chapter 12, Solis basically tells us to take a retrospective look at our brands to see if the outfitting of it is just right. He gives us specific instructions on how to do so.

Solis states that “identity and branded personalities are often an afterthought”. (Solis 2011)  Like me before I get out the bed, I gather my thoughts and what I’m going to wear first. I’m not going to put on my clothes and get ready only to find out when I look in the mirror that this specific combination doesn’t work. Solis tells us to sit down and brainstorm first before we even create any profile on any social media site.

The reason why everything should be thought out is because “at a minimum, profiles and bios serve as brand beacons to position and reinforce the company, brand, value proposition, and mission”. (Solis 2011) These profiles serve as the voice of the company and its brand. Careful planning and strategic tactics must be employed before making an effective social media footprint.

To get it right, Solis gives us his Brand Reflection Cycle; Establishing Online Identity + Persona Through Introspection. In the reflection cycle there are 8 discovery questions each brand and company must ask themselves:

1 What are the brand’s pillars?

2 What are the brand’s promises?

3 What are the aspirations?

4 What are the characteristics?

5 What opportunities?

6 What is the brand’s culture?

7 What is the personality of the brand?

8 What are the Core Values of the brand? (Solis 2011)

Solis says that at the epicenter of the cycle are core values. “They must be consistent in defining our brand persona in the Social Web”. (Solis 2011) As always I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and learned so much from it. One thing that I love most about the book is that I can take what I’m learning and directly apply to everything that I am connected with!


-Orlando P. Bailey

Newsy from Infancy!

All of my family and friends know that one day I want to anchor the news in Detroit and ultimately work for The Today Show on NBC. I like to think that I was born with an innate love for the news and the ability to deliver it. My mother always tells the story of how I got my nickname “Newspaper”.

As an infant I would play in the newspaper every day. Mom says I would sit at the table and put on my Grandmother’s readers and act like I was reading the newspaper. She said I would literally do that single day. So she says she always knew that I’d being something with entertainment, news and media. So it did not surprise my mother when I declared Electronic Media and Film Studies as a major and Journalism as a minor here at EMU.

As a young person I have always enjoyed watching the news more so than reading the newspaper but I loved them both nonetheless. I loved and still love ALMOST everything about the news. A great thing about our local news station WXYZ Channel 7 Action News which is an affiliate of ABC is that they are good at communicating with their audience beyond the television set.

Channel 7 has been my favorite news channel for a long time mainly because of the great Diana Lewis is also one of my personal mentors in the industry. They became my favorite when they launched their Facebook and Twitter pages. On those pages you can get up to the minute updates of the news happening in the Southeastern Michigan area narrowing in on the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Another cool feature is that you get to know your favorite personalities from the station on Twitter and Facebook. It is all so interactive and informing. I believe that Channel 7 has successfully created a human extension of their brand on the two largest social media websites in the world.

Viewers also get to use those pages as a soundboard for discussing some of the most of controversial news items of the day. The station also does live tweeting and chats during every single broadcast. This is most effective especially when they’re doing telethons for the Michigan Humane Society to try to get people to donate money and adopt animals.

I am a full participant of all things news on the internet be it CNN, MSNBC or the local Channel 7 Action WXYZ Detroit. I love the up to minute updates, I love being able to give my opinion on things and I love that I get to talk to some of my favorite news personalities. My mom would tell you that I’ve been a news junkie or newsy from infancy.

-Orlando P. Bailey

140 Characters or Less!

  Chapter’s 8 and 9

There is nothing like saying what you’re doing, thinking, and how you’re feeling to the world in a matter of seconds. It’s a world that is created by us. Our world can be small or big depending on who we choose to follow and who we allow to follow us. Crafty is this social media world that we have to participate because when we want to say something, it has to be within 140 characters. Ladies and gentlemen– Twitter!

In the book Engage! The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web, author Brian Solis says, “Of all of the micro services available today, Twitter is by and large the leader.” (Solis 2011) To better understand Twitter as a micro service I want to define the term micro blog. Merriam-Webster defines it as: blogging done with severe space or size constraints typically by posting frequent brief messages about personal activities. Twitter virtually embodies that definition by forcing the blogger or tweeter to say what he or she wants to say in 140 characters or less.

Twitter has grown into so many things and has help innovate many areas in media, business, and marketing to reach the consumer in a more effective way. “…services such as Twitter represent a more approachable and usable gateway to social media than any of the networks serving as its predecessors.” (Solis 2011) Solis in my view is saying that Twitter has the ability to reach a lot of people in a less intimidating way.

Businesses have to be creative in crafting a message for their consumers because of the constraints of Twitter. If people are anything like me they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading blogs, messages, and articles that are too long. Twitter is the place where the consumer can the message in short fast paced way.

Brands and businesses have become pretty good at it too. “Twitter has single-handedly forced businesses to pay attention to online conversations on a mass, and growing, scale.” (Solis 2011) Most of the time when a business tweets, they are linking us to something else. That’s fine as long as whatever it is, is worth reading or watching.

In chapter 9, Solis tackled video broadcasting. We are living in the world of Youtube. Everyone has a phone with a video camera on it and can shoot footage and upload it to the internet within minutes. For me, I know I would like to watch a video than to read something. So if a company is smart they will link the consumer to a fun interactive video to stimulate interest and action. Solis summed what a viral video should be. “This is storytelling. This is entertainment. This is education.” (Solis 2011)

After reading chapter’s 8 and 9, I must say that Solis has done it again. His depth of knowledge and everyday practicality makes him a joy to read.

-Orlando P. Bailey