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Why Young Guys Won’t Commit…

untitledSo after my post on dating and relationships yesterday I got a request from my Facebook friend Amber who wanted me to tackle the question, “Why won’t young guys commit?” I can tell it was subject that she was passionate about and maybe had some experience with.

Let me preface this post by saying I don’t mind talking about relationships but I do not want this to turn into the “relationship blog”. There are enough of those out there. Let me also say that I am no expert. Most of what I have is divinely inspired and given and the rest comes from my own life experiences.

Alright now to answer the question that my good friend Amber posed. My first reaction after I read it was that the answer is actually within the question! When you say “young guys” I perceive that as dudes who are not men yet. Young guys are not committing or faithful because they are too busy being young guys!

I understand the fact that women mature faster than us guys and maybe ready for something serious sooner than any young guy. I get it. But all to often women take on the impossible task of trying to be a young guy’s significant other and a mother figure. Ladies it is not your job to make a man out of your significant other. He has to have the drive and the desire to become that on his own.

I believe that is why I see a lot of women date older men because they have matching maturity levels. A young guy is too focused on “getting it all out of system”. You can try to tie him down if you want to but he is going to put up one heck of a fight. Amber you’re still in college right? Well that is young dude’s national headquarters of getting it all out of his system. Believe it or not, there are plenty of girls who willing to be a recipient in that process. Exclusivity to young guy is a downgrade when there is an abundance of options that don’t require commitment.

Ladies for everything you require, there is a girl who DOES NOT require that exact same thing. So my advice to you is to STOP trying to get YOUNG GUYS to commit and let a MAN commit to you because men commit, men step up to the plate. Men meet your requirements and men will remain faithful.

I also feel the need to say that sex is not the way to make a young guy commit. That is actually the quickest why to get the young guy to move on to the next one. I don’t know why that is a mistake that women make over and over again and then cry about it. I’m starting to become less and less sympathetic to that mistake. Try saving sex for the ultimate commitment of marriage. I know that’s a different take but it just might work! Just a suggestion.

Now as it is with everything else in life, there are exceptions for every point I made in this post. That’s ok. Look at what I said in the context of which I said it. Don’t add anything to it. Don’t take anything away from it.

As I used to say on my radio show, “Keep God First”.



For The Blog, By The Blog

    Having read chapter 4 of Brian Solis’ book Engage, I have concluded that blogging is a cultural phenomenon and an effective tool if done correctly. I like to think that blogging is the human extension of any brand. People don’t want to be bombarded with advertising and marketing when reading a blog but want to see and read a humanized piece of literature. Solis uses Ford Motor Company as an example, “Ford, for example, often introduces us to the people behind the story, allowing customers to make a human connection.” (Solis 2011)

In class we watched a video of Brian Solis interviewing Ford Executive, Jim Farley and Farley explained why it’s so important to get the human side of Ford out, whether its “Alan Mulally making a phone call to a new Ford customer” or “telling the story of a Ford dealer who has always sponsored a little league team in his community.” Solis stresses that this should be the essence of blogging. “Blogging for the sake of blogging, even with the best of intentions, is meaningless if the internal team cannot communicate an organized infrastructure.” (Solis 2011)

In addition to providing some insight to a company about extending the human side of their brand through blogging, Solis also offers advice for the regular person who may want to have and launch a successful blog. I have come to understand to have a successful blog with a loyal following; one would need to successfully be loyal to other blogs in the blogosphere. “Comments on other blogs are a form of both participation and unmarketing. Be sure to pay attention to relevant posts around the blogosphere and contribute relevant comments on both your blog and elsewhere.” (Solis 2011) When I read this I was really taken back. I have never thought to approach blogging this way. Of course everyone wants a successful blog with faithful readers, and now we have the key. We need to be the participator we want to see. This is a very unique way of marketing without sounding too generic on other social networking websites trying to get people to read what we write.

To be for the blog by the blog but to have a successful one there are some components that must be embodied. “What’s the cause? What’s the intent? How can we fill a void and, more importantly, how can we help solve problems? What should readers take away from the blog? Why should anyone link back to the blog?” Blogs are a valid piece of literature and media and should be substantiated in whatever subject matter of the writer’s choosing. If you’re a foodie writer, tell the readers why apple pie is good for them or not so good for them. Just an example. I believe a humanized blog is a blog that people care about, care to read and most importantly, care to engage.