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Dream It, Write It, Speak It, LIVE IT

For the last day and a half I have had one person on my mind non stop. She’s been in my brain so much that I had to take the time to write about her. Who is this mystery lady you may be thinking?

Well she is the “cleaning lady” at my job. Bet you didn’t see that coming haha. 

This woman has been cleaning my office spic and span since January and has always done so with a smile and no complaints. Folks who know me knows that I’m a tad bit obsessed with cleanliness and everything having its place. This lady understands and I think that’s why we kicked it off so quickly. She’s great!

Now let me tell you guys why she has been on my mind since Friday. She walks into the office greeting everyone as she normally does with a grin and small talk. This day she has written a short encouraging word that she wants to share with everyone. Wish I had it handy but it’s hanging up in my office at work. When I get in on Monday I will post it. I can tell you that after an extremely LONG FRIDAY at work her writing was just what everyone needed to get their second wind.

As I was working I heard some colleagues of mine a couple doors over tell her thank you for her words and that her words were right on time. She went on to say, “I was sitting at home and God began to speak so I started writing.” She gave all of the glory to God. She went on to tell her story. 

She’s made some bad decisions in her life but she is on the road to recovery. She never graduated high school. She’s 6 years in recovery from a drug addiction and she should be getting her GED really soon. She has children of whom she is trying to mend relationships because things were sour when she was in her addiction. 

It was when she made the decision to live clean and surrender to Christ when she began to dream. She says I saw myself getting my GED and now that’s going to happen very soon. She saw herself having her own cleaning business, now she has two clients and is employed by my company as well. She saw herself helping people and that is exactly what she did for me and anyone else who came into contact with her on Friday.

The paper she wrote was a part of her GED class and it was so well written and poignant. I was very impressed with her ability to express her thoughts on paper.

Here is the lingering thought that I can’t get rid of… On the surface we see people who seem to have so little and we draw our silly inaccurate conclusions about their lives, why they do what they do and why they are the way they are. I realized that she is called to do exactly what she is doing. She dreamed it, wrote it, spoke it and now it’s her reality. 

As I was eavesdropping on her conversation my tear ducks began swell up because I was so happy for her and I had to tell the Lord thank you. She may not have the car, the clothes, or the crib but she is so rich! She is living out her dreams! She thanks God every chance she gets for where her life is now.

I was inspired by this woman and I had to pay it forward to my readers. Keep dreaming. Write it down. Speak it out loud. Then live it! Shoutout to my “cleaning lady” Ms. Elizabeth Stutts for personifying that with a smile and no complaints! I aim to do the same. Thanks!




Catching Them Up

If anyone knows me personally, then you know that I love my family. Most of the elders in my family like my grandparents and great aunts and uncles are so behind in technology. Most of them own smart phones and computers capable to communicate with the entire world but they hardly know how to use it besides making a phone call or checking and sending emails.

My great Aunt Dovie is slowly but surely becoming an exception. She is now leaving the dark ages and is learning how to navigate a very mature form of social media in the area of text messaging. She even sent me a text message the other day just to show me that she’s trying.

Talking with Auntie D.J. (as I call her) about becoming more tech savvy and how it’s the way of the world now, she is mostly receptive to what I have to say. But she does express difficulty in understanding the language.

Text messaging and social media has a language of its own. A lot of acronyms are involved in messages and posts. I can remember her one day out of sheer frustration Auntie D.J. asked me, “What the heck does “LOL” and “OMG” mean? People keep saying that to me!” I then tried to explain to her that the best way I knew how that social media has a different lingo that she’s was going to have to learn.

For someone who has been out of school as long as she has, learning a new language is something she did not plan in her late 50s. So what did I do? I took to social media to help us out! I googled social media acronyms and printed out a translation list for my aunt. I got it from a fellow WordPress pal, Digiphile.

I wrote this blog because as we are millennials we learn fast and move with the technology and that is great. But I don’t want us to forget to educate those who once were educating us, OUR ELDERS.

-Orlando P. Bailey