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Dream It, Write It, Speak It, LIVE IT

For the last day and a half I have had one person on my mind non stop. She’s been in my brain so much that I had to take the time to write about her. Who is this mystery lady you may be thinking?

Well she is the “cleaning lady” at my job. Bet you didn’t see that coming haha. 

This woman has been cleaning my office spic and span since January and has always done so with a smile and no complaints. Folks who know me knows that I’m a tad bit obsessed with cleanliness and everything having its place. This lady understands and I think that’s why we kicked it off so quickly. She’s great!

Now let me tell you guys why she has been on my mind since Friday. She walks into the office greeting everyone as she normally does with a grin and small talk. This day she has written a short encouraging word that she wants to share with everyone. Wish I had it handy but it’s hanging up in my office at work. When I get in on Monday I will post it. I can tell you that after an extremely LONG FRIDAY at work her writing was just what everyone needed to get their second wind.

As I was working I heard some colleagues of mine a couple doors over tell her thank you for her words and that her words were right on time. She went on to say, “I was sitting at home and God began to speak so I started writing.” She gave all of the glory to God. She went on to tell her story. 

She’s made some bad decisions in her life but she is on the road to recovery. She never graduated high school. She’s 6 years in recovery from a drug addiction and she should be getting her GED really soon. She has children of whom she is trying to mend relationships because things were sour when she was in her addiction. 

It was when she made the decision to live clean and surrender to Christ when she began to dream. She says I saw myself getting my GED and now that’s going to happen very soon. She saw herself having her own cleaning business, now she has two clients and is employed by my company as well. She saw herself helping people and that is exactly what she did for me and anyone else who came into contact with her on Friday.

The paper she wrote was a part of her GED class and it was so well written and poignant. I was very impressed with her ability to express her thoughts on paper.

Here is the lingering thought that I can’t get rid of… On the surface we see people who seem to have so little and we draw our silly inaccurate conclusions about their lives, why they do what they do and why they are the way they are. I realized that she is called to do exactly what she is doing. She dreamed it, wrote it, spoke it and now it’s her reality. 

As I was eavesdropping on her conversation my tear ducks began swell up because I was so happy for her and I had to tell the Lord thank you. She may not have the car, the clothes, or the crib but she is so rich! She is living out her dreams! She thanks God every chance she gets for where her life is now.

I was inspired by this woman and I had to pay it forward to my readers. Keep dreaming. Write it down. Speak it out loud. Then live it! Shoutout to my “cleaning lady” Ms. Elizabeth Stutts for personifying that with a smile and no complaints! I aim to do the same. Thanks!




Why Young Guys Won’t Commit…

untitledSo after my post on dating and relationships yesterday I got a request from my Facebook friend Amber who wanted me to tackle the question, “Why won’t young guys commit?” I can tell it was subject that she was passionate about and maybe had some experience with.

Let me preface this post by saying I don’t mind talking about relationships but I do not want this to turn into the “relationship blog”. There are enough of those out there. Let me also say that I am no expert. Most of what I have is divinely inspired and given and the rest comes from my own life experiences.

Alright now to answer the question that my good friend Amber posed. My first reaction after I read it was that the answer is actually within the question! When you say “young guys” I perceive that as dudes who are not men yet. Young guys are not committing or faithful because they are too busy being young guys!

I understand the fact that women mature faster than us guys and maybe ready for something serious sooner than any young guy. I get it. But all to often women take on the impossible task of trying to be a young guy’s significant other and a mother figure. Ladies it is not your job to make a man out of your significant other. He has to have the drive and the desire to become that on his own.

I believe that is why I see a lot of women date older men because they have matching maturity levels. A young guy is too focused on “getting it all out of system”. You can try to tie him down if you want to but he is going to put up one heck of a fight. Amber you’re still in college right? Well that is young dude’s national headquarters of getting it all out of his system. Believe it or not, there are plenty of girls who willing to be a recipient in that process. Exclusivity to young guy is a downgrade when there is an abundance of options that don’t require commitment.

Ladies for everything you require, there is a girl who DOES NOT require that exact same thing. So my advice to you is to STOP trying to get YOUNG GUYS to commit and let a MAN commit to you because men commit, men step up to the plate. Men meet your requirements and men will remain faithful.

I also feel the need to say that sex is not the way to make a young guy commit. That is actually the quickest why to get the young guy to move on to the next one. I don’t know why that is a mistake that women make over and over again and then cry about it. I’m starting to become less and less sympathetic to that mistake. Try saving sex for the ultimate commitment of marriage. I know that’s a different take but it just might work! Just a suggestion.

Now as it is with everything else in life, there are exceptions for every point I made in this post. That’s ok. Look at what I said in the context of which I said it. Don’t add anything to it. Don’t take anything away from it.

As I used to say on my radio show, “Keep God First”.


I’m Famous! I See You Hating…

So I recently reached 500 followers on Instagram and I decided to just throw myself a big bash. I have finally reached FAME and it feels oh so good! I have also managed to get 500 followers without following 500 or more people. NOW THAT’S REAL FAME. When people follow you and they don’t care if you don’t follow back because they genuinely care to see the photos you post once or twice a week. 


In all honesty I think it’s pretty cool that people want to what’s good wit a dude. However I am not one of those people that posts everything on social media but I’m sociable enough. And yes I was making fun of people who are famous on IG. It’s just IG people! All this stuff does not matter in the end. Stop living for likes and live for Christ! I do get a pretty good laugh out of those of you who go hard for followers and likes. 

I know 500 is a small number but I am also one who screens the CRAP out of my IG requests and I got those followers just by being me. My advice to everyone is to be who you are and always WALK IN YOUR TRUTH! 


A Poem for My Mom on her Birthday 01/29…

I wrote this poem for my Mom’s 52nd birthday last year and I thought it would be fitting to post it on here for all my readers to enjoy! Here goes… Happy Birthday Mom!


My mother. Oh how I love her.

So glad that 52 years ago God saw fit to put Mamie & Norman together.

Didn’t last forever, but from this union was birthed Joyce Renee in the crisp & snowy January weather.

A beautiful black queen, the first of many to ever call Elva granny.

I said the first of many to ever call Elva Searcy Granny and Mamie Lee Mommy.

Comes from the lineage of strong courageous women and when I look at my mother I see no different.

Resilient, confident, loving & human.

My Mama a Proverbs 31 virtuous woman.

She was born in a time when King marched and Malcolm X spoke liberating words of freedom.

Audio of civil rights and riots was the soundtrack to her childhood life.

Grew up family oriented and independent.

Sure of herself and her heart’s intent.

Then life came like a whirlwind.

Twisting & turning her in every which way and became susceptible to a bad influence.

Drug use wreaked havoc on her life until she met one of the few loves of her life.

Tall, caramel skin with good hair and athletic.

The boy had to be Indian because with hair like that he couldn’t be ethnic.

Renee and Rob, a chapter in this book of her life in which the author saw fit to give her 5 kids.

She made up her mind and got clean because she loved her man and her kids.

I said she loved her man and her kids.

5 the number of grace and every child was different in their own way.

Robert Jr. the smart know it all.

Kimberly Mariah. The only girl whose smile could bring down the walls.

Orlando. The one in the middle, the struggle and the one who found serenity in reading his bible.

Brian the great S-P-E-L-L-E-R, the Mama’s boy with a special place for her in his heart.

Quinten Cortez. The baby and cry baby. But not lately.

Won’t forget Bria & Kris, you see those two were his but her family was non exclusive.

Anton, Maurice, T-Hoody all of these were Mom’s children.

Mom and Dad called it splits and it was like the whole family split.

Doing what she had to do sacrificing so that we can stay close knit.

There everyday on her own, working at night coming home just in time to see us on… To school that is.

She had a special bond with all her kids,

I really connected with her when I found out she loved The Wiz!

She gave her life to God for real and has been sold out ever since.

The enemy has tried to come for her and her family but she is just like a tree.

Planted by the rivers of waters!

I shall not be moved.

Be moved by circumstance, finance, bold spirits, the justice system, evictions, convictions and bad decisions.

Taking it all in stride and making the necessary changes while on the ride.

See that’s Mamie’s girl and Elva’s grand girl, she ‘s going to be alright.

She is just like her mama and grandmother and they were both out of sight.

So I stand here on the 29th of January, the day God saw fit to author this story.

What should I get her I asked myself.

God said nothing monetary because things fade.

How about this or how about that?

She gave me life so I gotta get her something to give back.

Realizing that nothing I buy could ever express my indebted gratitude.

So I chose to write this poem for you so you can see how much I admire you from my view!

I love you I do.

You’ve always been there for me.

Never would’ve graduated college if it wasn’t for you.

My Mama, a beautiful quiet soul.

5 kids and I don’t know how you do it but you make everyone of us feel special.

You’re beautiful.

A poet said I think of 80 ways to give your beauty praise.

Hyperbole, a simile, or metaphorically.

But truthfully none of that would suffice because to me you defy description.

And at 52 you’re radiant.

A beauty that some women only get through surgery and a prescriptions.

So no, money wasn’t good enough this year.

The store lacked the detail I was looking for.

But God gave me these words to embed on the tablet that is your heart.

I love you and you’ll always be apart…Of my life that is.

25 backwards and you still killing em! Happy 52nd birthday Mama.

From that one in the middle.

The loner, the graduate, the fixer, the preacher, your 2nd oldest son Paris.