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I’m Famous! I See You Hating…

So I recently reached 500 followers on Instagram and I decided to just throw myself a big bash. I have finally reached FAME and it feels oh so good! I have also managed to get 500 followers without following 500 or more people. NOW THAT’S REAL FAME. When people follow you and they don’t care if you don’t follow back because they genuinely care to see the photos you post once or twice a week. 


In all honesty I think it’s pretty cool that people want to what’s good wit a dude. However I am not one of those people that posts everything on social media but I’m sociable enough. And yes I was making fun of people who are famous on IG. It’s just IG people! All this stuff does not matter in the end. Stop living for likes and live for Christ! I do get a pretty good laugh out of those of you who go hard for followers and likes. 

I know 500 is a small number but I am also one who screens the CRAP out of my IG requests and I got those followers just by being me. My advice to everyone is to be who you are and always WALK IN YOUR TRUTH! 



24 & Single. What’s Wrong With These Women???

I posted the following earlier on my Facebook page, “The rules of dating in the 21st century is vastly different than the generations before us. Courting does not exist in 2014. Sad commentary. Women expect instant status and worth from me that they have not earned yet. I guess I’m old school.”

This video just expounds on that point a little bit. Please do not take the title personally. I understand that I too am flawed. Just a joke. First video. Be nice.